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The Story Behind This Website ......

First of all, OurPrayerBucket.com is non-denominational and all are welcome. It is a cooperative prayer fellowship that invites all who want to help or need help. If you are breathing, you can pray.

I watched my Mother kick THREE kinds of cancer and we attribute it to a great Doctor and prayer. Even the Doctor said Mom was a 'miracle lady". She went on to live 10 more years. I learned a lot about the "power of prayer" when I cared for my mother. She was very religious and said the rosary religiously. 

These days, I usually fall asleep with a rosary in my hand.

During my moments of contemplation, one interesting idea that hit me was the all-encompassing nature of God. After all, He IS everywhere. The premise is simple. He gives us all breath and He "sees" the world through each and every one of us. Which supports the idea that we are all brothers and sisters.

Think about this sometime when you are sitting and "people watching". It is a wee bit mind-blowing.

Many years ago I came up with the idea of putting people I knew or met, who were in need, into a "mental and spiritual" Prayer Bucket. 

I would simply say a silent prayer, "Dear God, I want to put this person in my Prayer Bucket".  

Daily I would include the needs of the people "in my Prayer Bucket" into my prayers.  I put my family, friends, people I met or people who I saw who needed prayers into my Prayer Bucket. Everyone went into my Prayer Bucket, even people I didn't know. People who were nice to me AND people who were NOT nice to me, all went into my Prayer Bucket.  

This practice helped me to learn and develop mental and spiritual concepts the made my prayers more focused and all-inclusive. I learned that success in prayer is all-about staying focused on your needs and having faith. I have learned that God sometimes answers prayers right away, maybe next week, month or years from now. I have learned that He says, "Not now", a lot. Which is really challenging. But, when a prayer is answered, it brings streams of tears to your eyes and makes you drop to your kneees to give praise and thanksgiving.

What has been the MOST powerful result of my study of prayer has been to learn to pray for I don't like and people who don't like me....aka.....my enemies.

So, for a variety of reasons, I decided I would create a website that could be open to any and everybody who needed prayers said for them. As you will probably agree,  the more people praying to help others, the better. This world is filled with deception and I think prayer helps to broom away the "smoke and mirrors".

So, I want to invite you and everyone you know to use and enjoy AND contribute to this website. The website is simple and in it's early stages....but I it is getting a growing number of "hits" and favorable feedback.

We read each prayer ...

We read each prayer submission and pray for the person(s) who submit them daily. 

What was really exciting was recently this website was featured in a segment on Fox News and acknowledged as one of the "Coolest Websites in 2006"! It has driven a lot of people to the website. Again, "the more people rowing the boat".....the better.

So, leave a prayer, share the site with people who might need help and pass the word, if you are so inclined.

Visit the site often and please make a mental and spiritual commitment to include all the prayers included in the Prayer Bucket at OurPrayerBucket.com into your prayers.

If the turmoil in this world needs anything right now, it is more dedicated prayer. Our goal is to have ONE BILLION prayers and more in The Prayer Bucket.

Anyway, OurPrayerBucket.com is a labor of love for me. It is a a way that a regular person can try to help the world and other people. I pray daily for success, great health and peace for all the members of this group, their submissions and their families.

Funny thing is that since I have published this website, I have had some very interesting "miracles" appear in my life.....little things, but good things.

Further Musings About "The Bucket" ...

There is a similar practice that takes place in many houses of worship, which have parish petition books in them where people list their needs or the needs of their loved ones and the people involved in that house of worship agree to pray for the needs of the people posted in these books.

The philosophy of OurPrayerBucket.com is based on the simple principle that we are all “God’s Children”. God blesses each one of us with breath and life and He decides when the time has arrived to “call us home”. Our responsibility is to learn to respect each other and be ready and willing to help people in need.

If you look around, it is clear, the whole planet needs many prayers to help breakdown the walls that humanity has built and continues to build to separate and divide us. We all need protection from negative forces and ill-intentions. OurPrayerBucket.com is where we can take a collective stand for positive results for individuals and groups in need and for our world at large.

Think of those people who need help, right now. It could be a family member, it could be a friend, it could be someone you meet, it could be someone you don’t know and it could be the whole planet. We all need prayers. 

Who Needs Prayers ...

So, who do you know that needs help? Someone who is out of work, has a serious illness, is having family troubles, is depressed, are you concerned about peace on our planet...you get the idea. This site is dedicated to trying to help. It all begins when you put the wheels in motion and take action.

You can make a simple request ("Please help my Mom, she has cancer", "My brother needs a job", "Bring peace to our world", "My spouse and I are having troubles", "My children need help"...etc...) or a long detailed request. 

Again, be sure to promise to take a moment and to pray for the needs of the group and have comfort knowing that everyone in the group is praying for you and your prayer request. Active commitment and active prayer will produce active results.

Also, enjoy the numerous pages of this site as it grows. We want OurPrayerBucket.com to be a powerful spiritual source for positive change, strength, faith, hope and charity based on addressing the needs of everyone in need.

There is NO LIMIT to the number of prayers you can post and submit, so please free to stop by and say a prayer DAILY. Send you parish members to our site, we need as many people praying as possible. Our humble goal is to have ONE BILLION prayers and more in Our Prayer Bucket. 

It is proven that group prayer has great power, we are simply trying to help the world and our neighbors with


No matter what denomination or belief system you commit yourself to, clearly the message of peace, love, 

giving, caring and forgiveness that comes from the example of the life lived by Jesus Christ can inspire people from all walks of life and from all religions.

Imagine ...

Imagine the world we would live in, if we were all more committed to looking out for the needs of our neighbors than looking out for our own needs. Imagine the number of people who would be looking out for your best interests if you'd decide to look out for the people around you.

Serious and committed prayer knows no limitations or boundaries. So, please join us, we are honored to have you and to be able to offer spiritual help.

May God Bless You and Answer Your Prayers.

Remember to pray for ALL the Prayers in The Prayer Bucket!

Take Action ...


The way we can truly help the situation is to look around us and help the people we know who are in need. Do they need money to pay their bills? GIVE them money. Your kindness will not go unnoticed and will be rewarded. When you get back on your feet, help others in need! It is the ultimate show of love for God and His Creation. If friends and neighbors are sick, help them with their lives. The "Little Things" you do can go a long, long way.

We all pray that the Holy Spirit fills you with love, peace and may these prayers and yours be answered. They will be, if you believe you can make a difference AND pray for others.

Prayer and direct ACTION can be very powerful in helping any situation, so if you see people in need help them. We have received numerous letters from people who's lives were enriched in many ways, who's fortunes changed, when they combined prayer and direct action to helping other people. 

So, consider being a Prayer-Action-Warrior. 

Rosary Novenas ...

Also, during the Spring Season, we begin a daily Rosary Novena for the needs of the prayers in The Prayer Bucket, we will continue our nightly rosary throughout the year.  Jesus Christ performed his first miracle at the request of His Mother, so don't be afraid to get a rosary and say it daily for the needs of the people in The Prayer Bucket and for your personal needs. If you fall asleep saying the rosary, your angel will finish it 

for you. This is also the time of year to bring Blessed Salt and Holy Water into your home and bless your surroundings.

Also, please pay attention to world events, we think it is important that we make our politicians aware of our needs and the needs of the people around us. The people in all countries needs jobs so we can pay our bills, mortgages, care for our families and friends and save for retirement. 

Don’t forget to send us news of prayers you think were answered because of this group’s prayers.

Also, please pray for the success of this site. We all want to help people who need it. 

The World Needs Prayer ...

Please pray that the Lord blesses this year's needs and brings Peace to our planet and helps precipitate a deep, caring, fundamental change in the consciousness of the people of this world. We think it is clear that all the people in the world need to focus on how they can help each other. Look around you and help people in need.

Simple acts of kindness go a long way.

We ask that God speaks to those people who are selling bad products in the marketplace just so they can make an undeserved profit. Lord, PLEASE inspire people who provide products and services to have caring hearts. We see so many people suffering because there are so many people out there who want to steal from others and take advantage of people just to fill their wallets.

We are overwhelmed with all the prayer requests. So many people need help, so many people with so many needs that need to be filled right now.We wish we had the power to help right away, but we don't. BUT, we can and do pray for everyone who sends us a prayer request. What really lifts our hearts is to get the emails that tell us that prayers have been answered and miracles have happened. So, DO NOT give up, keep praying for your needs AND the needs of everyone who uses this site.

We do know one thing and that is that God LOVES Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving.

Pray for everyone on this planet, pray for our past and present soldiers, our leaders and the future of our country and the world. 

Visit... http://www.ourlady33.com .....

God Bless you all......The Host and Webmaster


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