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Dear Friends,

First, I want to thank all of you for praying for my daugher Dawn, as she has gone through all the pain and suffering she as endured with her back and back surgeries. I am grateful to for all of you and your prayers.

Today, I want to give you a praise report and tell you of a miracle that has happened in our home for Dawn. Dawn had been in very bad shape since the last surgery, the pain and spasms she was having were horrific, she could not walk or sit for any length of time it was so bad, one of her legs tingled and one was numb, and her feet were in horrible pain always, and the medication even though very strong, was not controlling it.  The doctors wanted to put her back in the hospital to start trying different combinations of medication. We also knew that even with medication that the most they could get her pain level down to was about a 5 or 4 and she would be on it for the rest of her life. Also because of what was wrong with her back and all the hardware and cement in it she would never be able to bend again and would have to use a walker. 

Well, a few nights back, Dawn was having another horrible night of pain and spasms and she was so exhausted, as was I. She had made up her mind that the next day she would agree to go back in the hospital, she knew something had to be done.

Anyway after I got her as settled as best I could in bed, I went to  lay on the couch and then I felt led to get up, to give her and myself a sip of St. Albert's holy water and pray with her. To be honest with you, I didn't want to get off the couch, I was so exhausted and it was about 1:30 in the morning. However,  the feeling was persistant and I finally did. It was like someone else took over my mouth and I prayed with and for her for over and hour. Then I went back to the couch and for some reason put the television on and she did the same in her room. First,we listened to someone about childlike faith, and then to someone else about the storms that were coming into people's lives,and I felt like he was talking about my life, so many things going on and that we had to pray as never before. Well anyway I got up again and started praying about Dawn and all the other storms in my life, after quite awhile it was like someone told me to tell Dawn to walk and to walk without the brace and the walker. I admit I was scared to tell her that , but I did, and she very slowly did it, as I continued praying. Well before me eys I watched her walk better and better and get straighter and straighter, and then all of sudden realize all the pain was gone, a little while later she realized her legs felt normal, no tingling in one and no numbness in the other, still later she realized her feet did hurt, and then she felt led to bend and she did and she could. I screamed for my husband to get up and we just watch all this unfold in awe and praising God.

My daughter and our family received a great miracle from God, and I thank you for your prayers which I know are a part of this miracle happening for this young lady of ours. God bless you always and forever for always taking the time to pray for others and specifically for praying for my daughter. You are all in my daily prayers always, whether you ask or not, because I know that just like our family there are always needs and intentions in everyones life everyday. 

With sincere thanks and love, and all honor and glory to God forever, Paula 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord, for blessing my sons with such success! God bless this site!


Dearest Blessed Mother,

After all these years of praying and hope my prayers has being answered, I’m being offered to work for The Church of Our Lady Of Lourdes as a Maintenance Officer which is truly a great blessing for me and I want to thank you and all the Saints that I have prayed to for this wonderful blessing, this have always been my dream to work for the church and how wonderful it is to be so closed to God.

O my most Blessed Mother Mary, right now I want to asked just one little favor to help me out of my debts from the banks and telephone company I just want to be free from this evil that is a real burden to me I pray that your Son Our Lord Jesus Christ will take this burden from me I trust in his providence and your intersession with all the Saints for a little miracle on this issue and should I be bless with abundance I pray that I will be guided to help others with this blessing.

This I pray with all my Soul with all my Heart with all my Strength and with all that I have to Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior AMEN.

Your Loving son,

Ivor David.           

Praise the Lord.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  My granddaughter Tainy is already unhurt at home with her family.  The Lord is merciful and love all His people. May He continue blessing your wonderful ministery.....Dalia, Chicago

I asked for prayer 1 day ago, and i know someone out there prayed for me, b/c it was'nt what i asked for but it was so much more and better than i ever imagined and i thank god for the victory!!!

p.s. thank u for your prays and support:))))  GOD BLESS U .......Kim, Sauk Village, IL

Things have been bad for a few years now, divorce, lost our home, laid off and now the car broke down with $10.00 in the bank.  I asked God to please help me find $500.00 dollars for a down payment on a little cheep car, if it was his will.  Then a old life insurance policy of mine found me, (I don't know how, I have moved 4 times in 2 years with no forwarding address) came, and the amount you can borrow on  this policy was $500.00. Can you imagin???  Then I asked God to help me find a good little car to get me to work and about town.  He has answered that prayer too, a great man who went out of his way to find me a car I could afford and a loan who would only take a small down payment.  I should have the car in the next few days!!!!  All glory go's to God, he had come through for me so many times, but this is a true blessing! Thanks be to God! Thansk to all the people at OurPrayerBucket for your prayers.......Angie Gardner, Alabama

I have been out of work for two years and had serious personal problems because of it. I just started my dream job. This is a real miracle. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you God.......WM, Santa Monica, CA

I want to thank all of you  for praying for my son who was hospitalized with acute pancreatist.  He was released from the hospital yesterday after 16 days!  He is still experiencing some pain but not like he was when admitted to the hospital.  Now I ask that you continue to pray that he is exonerated from these charges against him so he can get on with his life...wherever the Lord is leading him.   He is schedule to go to trial on November 6th; but he is hoping the case does not get to trial because he does not think he will get a fair trial in the south.

I am continuing my prayers for everyone on the prayer bucket.  God bless all of you.....Lim, Chicago

Yesterday I emailed U stating I was unemployed and did not have money to make rent this month. Let me tell U what happen to me this morning. I have been working a few hours at this retail store just to put food on the tabel for me. I got paid (direct deposit) and I notice that money had went into an account I had closed back in Jan. of this year. I called the bank and asked why that account was still open when I had closed it. The young lady told me that the account was still open and that I had $1,200.00 in it. I ask her to repeat it. $1,200.00. She stated that the account was still open. My rent is $1270.00. I thank God over and over and over. Tahnk God I am now able to make rent this month.  I know God has not forgotten me. I know He will find me a job this week.  There is a God and I give Him the praise and glory. He's never late, always on time. I asked God this morning when I woke up to show me how I was going to make rent.  My rent is due today. This is one day I will never ever forget.Thank you God for Your Love and Mercy. Thank you Father for not giving up on me. This is my story and please let it be told to everyone.

Thank you for your prayer bucket.......Sandra, Chicago, Il

(Correction. It is OUR Prayer Bucket....The Webmaster)


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