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Children Of Pentecost

“The Children of Pentecost”

The Christian tradition has many great stories that make up its legacy, the greatest of course, the story of the events that led up to the fulfillment of The Passion of Christ.

During Christ’s ministry on earth, he told his Disciples and Apostles that at some point they would be able to perform the miracles that he performed. They would inherit these gifts and would have the opportunity to use them to help people.

After Christ’s crucifixion and death His Apostles and Disciples gathered in the upper room, where Christ had said The Last Supper and was betrayed by one of his favorite and trusted apostles, Judas. According to biblical text, besides the Apostles, there were 120 Disciples.

Christ appeared to them in this room and told them He was leaving and that they should follow Him and, once He was gone, they should return to the upper room and wait for The Advocate, The Holy Spirit, to come. The Holy Spirit appeared to the Apostles and Disciples on Pentecost and bestowed on them the gifts of tongues, healing, enlightenment and more. The Apostles and Disciples use of these gifts is documented in The Acts Of The Apostles in The New Testament.

But, what happens to these gifts? Was there the potential for these gifts to be passed on to the descendants of The Apostles and Disciples? And, if so, who would they be, how would they be used and how would they be passed on? This is one of the major themes in The Children Of Pentecost.

Moreover, Judas made a mistake. One that he acknowledged and wanted to make right, but he was swept up in the wave of evil that permeated the time during Christ’s last three days before his death and crucifixion. What really happened to Judas and to his descendants? Did he not deserve to be forgiven and re-united with his Master?

The Children Of Pentecost lays out some interesting concepts based on these questions and ideas. Now, this story is mostly fictional, but I add some unique concepts designed to entertain the reader and make them wonder “what if”. Moreover, history has kindly opened up some plausible holes that have allowed me to take creative license with the embedded themes in this book. I want to make this clear to Oprah from the beginning.

The Judas theme embedded in this story is the saga of the descendants of Judas as they deal with the evil that surrounds his legacy, the demons that overtook him, the potential for his redemption and the final reunion with his Master. It also releases the descendants from the evil effects and the demons surrounding Judas’ famous betrayal and gives them new life.

The story traces the descendants of Judas and the Apostles and Disciples from the time of Christ, through the Middle Ages and into present time where they face the internal demons (and their personifications) that haunt them. I have them do battle with these forces and, eventually, fulfill an interesting, fictional destiny.

- Chet Nichols

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